About Cré Rua Ceramics

 Cré Rua Red Clay.

Cré Rua Ceramics is a small jewellery & homeware ceramic business based in Oughterard, Galway. Sinéad's ceramic designs have been inspired by the bright and bold patterns in nature, graphic design styles, various art movements, 80's fashion & the clay itself.
Everything is slowly & carefully crafted by hand in small batches from ceramic clay. Firing is done in her kiln and every piece is then decorated with various colourful glazes, slips, gold lustres, textures & decals.

"I love art that can be worn, carried, and touched. And I especially like ceramic jewellery because of humankind’s close relationship with clay. Throughout history, clay has shaped our cutlery and weapons, our homes and farms, and even adorned our skin. So there’s a certain comforting familiarity with ceramics. It harkens back to our connection with the land and with nature. I also wanted to make jewellery that was individual and unique at each iteration, which is why each piece is handmade"

I strive to work as sustainably as possible. I source my materials from suppliers in Ireland whenever possible.


Sinéad O‘Toole






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