About Cré Rua Ceramics

Cré Rua Red Clay.
My name’s Sinéad and I make ceramic art that you can feel, wear, and touch. 

Throughout our history, clay has shaped our cutlery and weapons, our homes and farms, and of course, adorned our skin. For centuries tribes have celebrated humanity's connection with the land by taking the earth and making something out of it that can be worn, loved, and that means something to the person wearing it. 

delta-shaped earring on beautiful red head

My work builds on this tradition, but because I handcraft each piece with attention and love, each iteration is unique. No two pieces are exactly the same. 

So you can be confident that any statement piece you wear that frames your face, or lays comfortingly on your chest by your heart, is individual to you. 

And while much of my work is inspired by the bold patterns and colours of beautiful Galway where I live, I change my collections regularly so you'll see that most pieces are one-of-a-kind.

A collection of circular earrings with beautiful mottled colours 


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